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Boyer wines is a French winemaking company established by Paul Boyer in 2008. Along with my team, Jean-Pascal Taix and Paul Maury, we aim to produce natural wines which truly express the character of the grape variety and the unique qualities of the terroir.

Our wines, produced in Languedoc, are all natural and come from organic or sustainable viticulture. Our pursuit of the ideal has shown us the importance of organic viticulture. It has instilled in us a respect for the soil and ecosystems upon which good wine, and after all our planet, relies.

We produce our wines according to simple and traditional methods, and constantly strive to improve the quality with attention to detail and precision.

Our overall wish is to produce wines which speak to the heart and mind of our customers. We want to produce wines that are rich and smooth, but also elegant and graceful; wines that are enjoyable and delicious young, but with also a good ageing potential; wines with personality and character that surprise with each mouthful. Our passion is to produce wines that make you happy....



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Boyer Wines and Viniguide offer wine tastings both for people looking for a brief introduction to natural wines, as well as for connoisseurs.


We will come with all the equipment to host the wine tasting at your home or office.


How much ?

Tasting experience with 6 wines from £30 per person

(maximum 5 people).

How long?

1h30 to 2h00


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 Viniguide - Boyer Wines

Mob 0044 7464 732288
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